There are numerous mechanical use of EDMS.

EDMS is a report the board framework for everybody. It is utilized over a wide scope of enterprises. It is the favored decision of little to huge organizations that need answers for report stockpiling, sharing, security and management.

Industry Solutions

Advocates & Solicitors

Solicitor higher court support has grown altogether since its first authorisation by the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990. .


Builders and Developers

Eximius DMS simplfies the assignment for Builders and Developers likewise, as they can upoad the sweeps of the apparent multitude of outlines of structures, which may ease them to discover anytime.

Clearing House Agents

Clearing House Agents can affirm and oversee transfers between nations utilizing eDMS. In this way, it might assist them with disentangling their task.

Chartered Accountants

Charteted bookkeepers give reliable data about monetary records utilizing eximius DMS. Presently, no data get leaked.



Eximius DMS streamlines the requirements of corporate world. there is no compelling reason to keep up the worker records in paper, all the work get straightforward through DMS.

Doctors & Hospitals

Healthcare records, persistent notes, outlines, charging records, and other paper and electronic archives are overseen in a protected, electronic medical services records the executives system.

Educational Institutions

Schools, Colleges, Universities, public or private, have huge volumes of understudy records and instructive documents that must be cautiously managed.

Government workplaces

Government offices are attempting to look through the best arrangements at the most minimal all out expense of proprietorship to meet the developing needs of it’s constituents.


Traders can oversee agreements, bills, and different records utilizing eDMS to keep it secure and moving, consequently decreasing space for putting away the documents