Best Pixel Phones Rating

Google Pixel phones are known for several things: good cameras and photography software, providing a clean version of the Google Android operating system, and convenient dimensions. To help sort out all of the best phones for you, we’ve ranked all of the company’s smartphones, from the original Google Pixel to the latest Pixel 4a. However, the list below shows only the best ones.

Which Google Smartphone to Choose in 2021?

In 2016, unexpectedly for many, Google introduced the second in the history line of its own smartphones – Google Pixel. The first attempt at creating devices is considered to be a line from Google – Nexus. It was successful, but the device market is growing rapidly, and once successful decisions in favor pixel 3 used no longer give an advantage, and in general, the line is morally outdated.

It is recommended for you to choose Google Pixel 5. The model has a stylish appearance and is comfortable to hold in your hands. From the front, the smartphone is framed in equal frames on all sides. There is a small hole in the corner for a selfie camera. The screen of the smartphone cannot be called small – it’s diagonal is enough for most tasks.

The Pixel 5 is essentially a copy of the iPhone 11 in size. The Pixel 5 uses the Sony IMX363 as its primary camera sensor, a far cry from the new sensor found in the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4. One of the biggest improvements to the Pixel 5 over its predecessor is its battery has a capacity of 4080 mAh. The charge will surely last for the whole day, even with intensive use, you can stretch it for a day and a half. It has the following characteristics:

  1. The all-metal Pixel looks almost like an iPhone. The silver and blue models have a white front panel, the black version has a black one.
  2. The back is more unique, with two-tone glass and metal trim. The antennas are located on the bottom and beveled edges, and the fingerprint sensor is larger than ever.
  3. The two-tone trim on the back looks fantastic. Be sure to wipe your fingers from glass to metal when purchasing one of the Pixels to get a feel for the changing textures.

What Makes Google Pixel Smartphones Unique?

The main advantage of Google Pixel smartphones is the “cloud” level cameras. Until recently, Google refused to participate in the race for the number of sensors – only in the 4th generation model appeared a pair of “eyes”. Since the first model, “Pixels” have been registered among the favorites of the famous laboratory DxOMark. The lab tests smartphone cameras so thoroughly that even the manufacturers themselves refer to the test results.

Google Pixel was the leader in the DxO ranking. His initiative was supported by Pixel 2, which set a record, according to a general estimate from the laboratory in 2017. The 3rd Pixel also stood out among the leaders, gaining the same number of points as the iPhone XR. The “chips” of the Google Pixel 3 camera were a light-sensitive lens, five-axis optical stabilization.

It should be remembered and understood that most users may not realize that they are logged in as administrators and have the authority to assign permissions to certain programs or tasks. The purpose of this article was to convey information about the availability of the UAC tool and the possibility of its competent use.

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