Uninstall Avast Secure Browser Short Guide

Have you ever faced a situation where you get some additional programs installed on your device without any permission? Avast Secure Browser is an application that usually comes in a bundle with an Avast Antivirus if you are not attentive enough to cancel the installation. Avast is a well-known company for making great cybersecurity software, but when it comes to the browser, users often look for the ways to do an Avast secure browser uninstall. The article will try to investigate the key problems of this application and explain the right ways to get rid of it.

Why do users try to get rid of Avast Secure Browser?

It is usually very frustrating when you do not get what you expect, especially when you pay money. Users use services of Avast company to get decent protection from all types of viruses and malicious software. Even though some additional features are very useful, others are very niche and arguably not as essential.

Main reasons to uninstall Avast Secure Browser:

  • Despite its name, many users report its lack of security. This problem is connected with the policy of saving up the user’s browser search history on the servers. It is the reason for low security level and vulnerability of personal data of the user, especially in the era, when giant companies like Google will pay anything to get it.
  • No one wants to get something he or she does not ask for. Every user has a favorite browser and probably does not want to get used to a new one.
  • Avast Secure Browser has a poor interface and low functionality compared to other, more advanced browsers. Thus, it could have been a viable option some 10 years ago, but today the market has some better options to offer.

How to get rid of Avast Secure Browser?

The process of deleting the Avast Secure Browser from the computer is quite basic. Anyone can do it by following the given steps:

  • Open an Apps and Features page through the Windows menu and find the program you need.
  • Right-click it and choose the delete option. Confirm the action in the dialog that should appear.
  • Restart your system to finish the process properly. You can download the application back again using Avast official website or the main menu of the program.

Make sure you really want to get rid of Avast Secure Browser before deleting it permanently. Try to disable it at first and then uninstall it, if you want.


Avast Secure Browser is an application that you can usually get in a bundle with the antivirus from the company. The lack of functionality and security makes it a bad option for a modern PC user, so it is better to get rid of it. Given instructions can make the process easier even for a beginner.

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