The Most Popular Way to Hack Facebook Accounts

The Internet is very firmly entrenched in our lives. Many can no longer imagine a day without it. We read the news, watch movies and listen to music, exchange information, get an education, visit libraries, and this is not a complete list of everything that the Internet is rich in. Most people use the Internet to communicate with friends using social networks, and Facebook is one of them.

But the Internet also attracts various scammers who are trying to take possession of personal information for their own benefit. And it is social networks that become a frequent object of their attention. Therefore, it is not surprising that the search query “Hack Facebook” is one of the most popular and talked about on the Internet. In this article, we will talk about the most popular way that hackers use to hack this social network.


Phishing is the most common method used to crack Facebook passwords. It does not require any special technical knowledge or skills to create a phishing page. This is why this method is so popular. Many people fell victim to the phishing page because of its high reliability and absolute match with the original appearance.

How Does Phishing Work?

In simple terms, phishing is the process of making a duplicate copy of a page on a well-known website in order to steal a user’s password or other sensitive information such as credit card information or private banking information. In terms of our theme, this means creating a page that looks like the Facebook login page but with a different URL. For example, or, or any other URL, which name is very similar to the original one. When a user goes to such a page, he or she can mistake it for the real Facebook login page and provide their username and password. Thus, the user personally and voluntarily enters his confidential data, and instantly all information will be sent to the hacker who created the fake page. And the victim user will be redirected to the original Facebook page.


The most common example is when a programmer creates a Facebook login page and adds a few scripts that allow him to get username and password information. Then he posts it on the Internet, inventing a name for it, consonant with the original site. For example, this can be And he shares his link with other users, attracting their attention with various advantages. In our case, as the name implies, those are affordable easy money on the network without investment. The victim user follows the link, sees the Facebook login page, and enters their username and password to log in.

Part of the Hack

Immediately, the username and password were sent to the fraudulent programmer, and the user was redirected to the page with the description of easy money That’s it, the process of hacking the user account is complete.

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