Safe and Secure Documents with Control Data

Data security is the top priority since it protects the documents from being damaged, lost, stolen, etc. Every company can be affected by these misfortunes. That’s why, today, we’ll go over some interesting information about keeping documents safe and secure.

Most effective ways to protect your documents

  • Backup copies of files can be created and stored in another building or a fireproof safe. This is one of the most widespread ways to save documents. Get a password protected hard drive and use backup tools or programs to create a copy of everything you need. Now even if hackers corrupt or delete your files, you’ll be able to restore them.
  • Reliable antivirus software protects against malware and viruses. It’ll prevent all kinds of online threats from damaging or leaking your documents.
  • Using passwords and other restrictions to the documents is likely to prevent the leakage of information, too.
  • Keep the important documents on the removable disks. You can store it somewhere safe.
  • Create a list of authorized personnel who can have access to the documents or certain computer areas. You must know who assessed the documents to be able to control data.
  • Always log off and lock the terminals (if possible). This is truly a useful tip that can eliminate the possibility of someone else using your account to get access to the documents.
  • Data encryption is another way to keep documents safe and secure. Use dedicated tools and services to encrypt the documents if you need to send them.

Another way to have your documents safe and secure is to create a safe document management system. A streamlined system will gather all important files and prevent the need to waste time searching for an exact file. It also organizes the documents using metadata and stores everything in alphabetical order, according to the dates, etc.

What is the Control Data?

Control Data Corporation used to be one of the leading computer companies. For over 30 years, it used to manufacture high-speed computers for governments and scientific institutions. Control Data used to make supercomputers, too. However, in 1999, it was bought and integrated into the British Telecom’s Syntegra. In 2005, the name changed to BT Global Services.

Nowadays, the company serves different organizations worldwide. It offers security, cloud, and networking services, protecting the most important data and documents. BT Global Services offer over 80 products and services for all technologies. The main ones are:

  • Cisco cloud contact centers;
  • Cyber strategy consulting;
  • Radianz services;
  • Microsoft Teams cloud collaboration;
  • SD-WAN, etc.


Many ways and methods exist to keep your documents safe and secure. Combine them to take all the possible precautions and prevent trouble. Don’t forget to back up documents, encrypt the information, and add passwords to limit access to sensible data. Turn to reliable brands for professional solutions and assistance. Using the tips from this article, you’ll be able to control data and keep the documents safe and secure.

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