IPVanish Guide to Help you Use the VPN Provider

This review is dedicated to IPVanish, the leader in ratings among VPN services, which has managed to earn immense popularity in many European countries. Enjoy!

A Few Words about IPVanish as a VPN Provider

IPVanish has been in the IT market for over 15 years. The service covers all structures in this area, has a staff of network engineers and its own software. This means that no third party can obtain or use user data on the VPN.

The Number of IPVanish Server Locations

IPVanish has good and growing coverage around the world. It already has more than 40,000 IP addresses in 61 countries. In order to prevent users’ online activity from being tracked by a third party, this VPN service provides them with the ability to create an imitation of their presence anywhere in the world where one of its many servers is located. No matter where you are, you can find a fast and reliable IPVanish server to keep your data private and secure your internet transactions.


IPVanish is headquartered in the United States, and thus acts in accordance with its laws, which do not mandate that VPN services keep all data about their users on a mandatory basis. This service does not have any information to provide to the executive authorities, because it does not register the activity of its users. Here’s what the owners of IPVanish write about the product on their official website:

  • Our strict policy is no activity logs, preserving your privacy. Respecting civil privacy rights, we do not record your activity when you connect to service applications.
  • We provide anonymous payment options such as Western Union, Alipay, Skrill, PaySafeCard, and Bitcoin.

Security Level

User privacy protection is at the heart of IPVanish as a VPN service. For this, they do the following:

  • All sources of transmitted messages are guaranteed to be checked in order to prevent outsiders from entering the private network. This is necessary so that the transmitted information does not leak anywhere in the “naked form.”
  • All your Internet traffic is securely encrypted from the moment of departure to the final destination.
  • Also, a useful feature of such a system is the use of shared IP addresses.

These features do not allow an outside party to track information about the activities of users on the private network. It happens because the same IP address can be used by different users.

Technical Support

Previously, online chat was used to communicate with the service team. But currently, technical support is provided only by e-mail or through the tech. support. The created form of template questions will help you formulate and clarify the problem in such a way that specialists can provide answers as quickly as possible. The support plan also includes a guide to set up protocols and network configuration in case you want to change the default settings.

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