EDMS Software: What Is It?

What is EDMS? It captures, stores, and retrieves the documents saving time and effort. Let’s find out everything about the term as well as the technology in this article.

The definition of the term

EDMS stands for Electronic Document Management System. It’s a program used to classify and store all sorts of documents. The system deals with digital docs. However, it may sometimes store scanned versions of the paper ones, too.

EDMC was established to centrally store large volumes of digital documents. One of its functions is to retrieve efficient documents when needed. The primary function is to manage electronic information within an organization’s workflow. It’s a perfect solution for organizations with resource-intensive business processes.

The peculiarities of EDMS software

Experts state that the software shares similarities with CMS. The content management system differs mainly by working with web content. On the other hand, the document management system used for archives.

Most EDMS systems classify digital documents based on metadata. It’s a process that uses key elements to help find the needed document. For example, it can search for topics, keywords, dates, etc.

The advantages of the program:

  • Lower cost (both archival & storage);
  • Faster searches;
  • Elimination of duplicates and error-prone documents;
  • Centralized information storage;
  • More efficient collaboration;
  • Complete transparency in document use & modification;
  • Improved documents security.

Electronic document management system tools

The system contains certain tools to create digital documents and convert paper ones into digital, too. However, it’s more than just scanning and archiving.

EMDS software allows easy sharing with the organization’s employees. It organizes files in one place using standardized structures and formats. For example, Word docs, PDFs, Excel, PowerPoint, emails, etc.

What’s more, the system has tools for storing and efficient access to the data.

Finally, some tools keep the files secure following the compliance rules.

Most well-known EDMS providers:

  • Mayan EDMS;
  • Synergis software;
  • MaxxVault;
  • OpenKM;
  • DocStar;
  • Master Control.

How to pick the EDMS software?

One should always look for an electronic document management system that can provide security control, metadata capture, and version control. Aside from that, it’s important to pay attention to the quality of the common features like automated information capture, federated search & retrieval, collaboration tools, hierarchical file indexing & classification, documents metadata, etc.


In simple words, EDMS may help you easily reach the needed files. Even the most organized people can lose files. This program, on the other hand, doesn’t. It has helpful tools that organize the documents and let you find the needed ones using keywords, topics, dates, etc.

EDMS keeps the documents secure. The system lets the owner control who may assess, change, print or copy documents. This prevents the loss of files to unreliable sources.

Finally, those who have to prove HIPAA compliance or any other compliance with the regulations, need EDMS software. Since the system stores everything in one easily searchable place, it won’t be hard to prove you’re compliant with the industry’s regulations.

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