AMD Radeon R4 Review

Only the most dedicated gamer will be willing to pay for expensive state-of-the-art graphics card, yet, you may find it reasonable to invest in new GPU, even if you haven’t played a game since «Pac-Man» hit the market in 1980. The reason for office worker or ordinary user to purchase a new GPU is because it can speed up numerous tasks, such as rendering video or applying filters for Instagram photos. Soon you will be wondering how you used computer without new GPU, and today we will review the AMD Radeon R4 video card as it is reasonably priced and effective.

Budget graphics card

AMD produces not only popular and famous for its capacity processors, but also video cards Radeon, which specifications are enough to run many popular games.

Video card Radeon R4 was produced by AMD on June 11, 2014. The Radeon R4 is a video card categorized as budget. First and foremost it is the right choice for office workers. The Radeon R4, however, can run 65% of the top computer games.

The potential of the Radeon R4 is similar to its major competitor Intel HD Graphics 4200, and games like BioShock Infinite can be played on low graphics and resolution not higher than 1024×768, the FPS capped at 30, which is more than enough for smooth game.

AMD Radeon R4 specifications

In order to determine whether the specifications of Radeon R4 are appropriate for your tasks, it is advisable to review this graphics card thoroughly.

Radeon R4 also recognized as Beema is an integrated video card supporting DirectX 12. It is based on the Graphics Core Next Architecture. User receives 128 shader cores. Base frequency is the same for all cores, which operate at 800MHz. It should be noted that video card does not have own memory, thus it will use system memory. To use video card you don’t need additional power cord and power consumption equals to 15 W. By means of its Unified Video Decoder, the card supports CPU while decoding videos up to 4К. Chip incorporates a specific video encoder known as VCE. Video streams can output via DisplayPort 1.2, VGA, DVI and HDMI 1.4a to two external monitors. AMD Radeon R4 supports VCE, DirectX 11.2 and Shader 5.0.

Games for Radeon R4

АMD Radeon R4 bears resemblance to the Intel HD graphics cards. It is fine for gaming below 720p. Basically, the majority of old and unchallenging games will run smoothly. Other games will run on the low settings with minimal resolution.

In fact, you won’t experience any problems, playing games like:

• Call of Duty 2;

• Counter-Strike: GO;

• Trackmania Nations Forever;

• Sims 4;

• FIFA 14;

• BioShock Infinite;

• Anno 2070;

• Tomb Raider;

• Dota 2;

• GTA – 5.

Hopefully, this review of video card AMD Radeon R4 will allow you to make the right choice while considering new graphics card or a game for it.

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