3 Ways to Fix Avast Passwords not Working Error

Avast Passwords is one of the additional features any user can get by improving his or her Avast Antivirus tariff to a premium or pro version. The main idea behind this function is to keep all of the passwords in one secure place to protect them from external threats or prevent their loss. The Internet has become the weakest spot in the safety of modern computers. People use browsers to get access to various websites, which are not always safe. In some cases, your password is the only thing that keeps the hacker of malicious software away from your personal data.

Why should you use Avast Passwords?

The increase in the variety of websites, social networks and online platforms that require registration in them made it so much easier for malicious software to get any data. Have you ever thought of using a completely new password for every website? It seems impossible to keep all of them in mind without making them somewhat similar. In fact, that is where Avast Passwords shines the most.

Main advantages of Avast Passwords include:

  • The algorithm can store all of your passwords in one place with the references to the websites you use them for. You can also easily import any password from the browser manually. The five layers of protection make it impossible for intruders to get your passwords.
  • You can automate the authorization process for some of the websites to make internet surfing faster.
  • You only need to remember one password to get access to Avast Passwords, and the application will take care of the rest. However, it should be quite difficult.
  • The Avast Passwords application checks all the passwords you create and provides some advice on whether you need to make them more complicated or not. The in-built algorithm can identify the complexity of any password.

How to fix Avast Passwords?

Some of the users may face undesirable issues with the extension, but the following tips can help to fix them within five minutes. You do not have to be an advanced computer user to figure out and eliminate the root of the problem of avast passwords not working.

Three main ways to fix Avast Password extension:

  • Try updating Avast Antivirus in general and an Avast Password extension particularly. You can do it automatically, through the main window of the program or manually, using the official website.
  • Reinstall the application on your PC. The problem might have occurred because of some compatibility issues, which can be solved by deleting and installing the application.
  • Make sure you are signed in your Microsoft account. Otherwise, the application is not able to work properly.

Bottom line

Avast Passwords can be a really useful extension for any user who has multiple accounts on different websites or social networks. You can forget about losing your passwords or about any security problems.

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